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We provide this website for those who are already fly tiers and fishers, as well as those interested becoming involved in the sport. We enjoy sharing our passion and interest in this fascinating activity with our friends, customers and clients.

Al is a long time fly tyer, fly fisher, guide and instructor in northern Colorado. He has fly patterns he custom ties available here on, through and commercially available from Montana Fly Company dealers. Al's flies have been included in several popular books and he has also had several of his own articles published in major periodicals. Al and Diana are both demonstration tyers appearing across the US. Al provides fly tying classes and guides on public and private water in northern Colorado.

What We Do:
Our focus is education. We offer the following fly fishing and fly tying education and services as an independent contractor to individuals, groups, clubs, fly shops or other organizations:
  • Guided Fly Fishing Services on public & private water
  • Fly Tying Lessons
    • Our standard classes
    • Custom designed classes for individuals
    • Custom designed classes for groups
  • Fly Tying Demonstrations
  • Entomology Classes for tyers and fly fishermen
  • Custom flies tied to order