It’s Showtime!

Well, here it is mid-December and as you might expect many people in the US are focused on the transition from their Thanksgiving celebration to preparations for Christmas or Hanukkah. But that is not all that is on most people’s minds. For fly fishers there are spawning runs in the Pacific NW and Midwest; often trailed by large rainbows and/or browns eager to fatten up on an egg rich diet. Tailwaters in some areas are open year round as are some fisheries in the south. A fortunate few are able to hop a plane for adventures in the southern hemisphere, where it is currently summer, or saltwater adventures. While those are all localized or limited opportunities there is fly fishing and tying excitement available almost everywhere in the form of fly fishing shows or expos and fly shop demos and events.

loch-fishThese shows and events give us an opportunity to kick the tires on the newest rods, reels, waders and other equipment. We get to see the latest material discoveries, patterns and tying techniques from the wizards at the vise. And maybe most important, at least for some of us, there is the opportunity to spend some time with other fly fishers, swap stories and stay in contact with the things we love about fly fishing. Beginning immediately after the first of the year my own schedule will begin in earnest; and I hope you’ll visit. Besides old favorites in Colorado, Idaho Falls ID, Lynnwood WA, Pleasanton CA and Warren MI I’ve added a trip to Calgary for the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo. But I’ve already found a couple reasons to get in the fishing mood.

Last Friday I went to a preview showing of a film called Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park produced by Josh Rickard. Now I had seen most of this video before, I was fortunate enough to be on Josh’s list of pre-viewers; so I had the opportunity to watch and comment on Josh’s work before the final cut. After seeing the finished product I was extremely impressed. The video and audio quality is very professional and the subject matter and presentation are very entertaining. Rather than focus on technical content or “in your face” style videography; Josh mixes a sprinkle of fishing tips, a pinch of history and background on the park with information on protecting the park’s ecosystems and inhabitants to compliment striking scenic videography. He captures the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the park and fisheries there. If you’re a fan of RMNP this video will remind you why and if you haven’t visited Josh’s work will make you wonder why? Get your copy of the DVD from Josh’s web site



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