Al Ritt Flies is dedicated to helping you realize your passions. We are a service based business specializing in helping you learn fly fishing, fly tying.  We want to help you maximize your  enjoyment of the sport and spending time in the outdoors.


Al Ritt

Al RittGrowing up in Michigan I’ve fished as long as I can remember. While living in northern  California in the early 1980′s, just shortly after I started tying flies, I began fly fishing almost exclusively.  In 1989 I moved to the northern front range of Colorado, where Diana and I currently reside. I’ve worked as a mechanical engineer and project manager in robotics and custom industrial automation most of my career.  But have also worked for 2 large outdoor equipment retailers and a local fly shop. Currently I work for PEAK Fishing.  I am responsible for handling Sales, Marketing, Service and Product Development for their fly tying and rod building products. I’ve taught fly tying since 1995 for area fly shops and independently for individuals and small groups. I’ve also guided fly fisherman and taught fly fishing since 2004. I am currently a pro team member for Whiting Farms, PEAK Fishing, Flymen Fishing Company, Performance Flies, Tubeology and Daiichi Hooks and a fly designer for Montana Fly Company. I am a member of Trout Unlimited, a life member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, a life member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Tying Group and a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Tying Group Board of Governors.

Contact Al by e-mailing al@alrittflies.com

Diana Ritt

Diana is newer to fishing and fly fishing, picking up the sport shortly after we met in 2003. Diana is shown above with a 20″ Wyoming Rainbow, her first fly caught trout. Diana began tying flies that same year and by spring of 2004 was using her own flies to catch fish on the flats of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. We have also been to the Bahamas and Alaska a couple times since her successful introduction to the sport. In addition to her own fishing and tying accomplishments, Diana handles all things logistical and contributes her photography skills. Diana is the support and assurance that makes all ideas seem possible and makes it possible for Al Ritt Flies to survive and grow.

Contact Diana by e-mailing diana@alrittflies.com