ARF Egg Sucking Gnat (set of 3 flies)

There are certain materials in flies that work as if by magic.  Peacock, grizzly hackle, the color orange and the movement of rubber legs are examples.  The Egg Sucking Gnat may be the perfect magic combination.  It's not a precise imitation of anything, but it has the silhouette of a stonefly, hopper or other large terrestrial on the surface, or a minnow or stonefly nymph below the surface.  The peacock's iridescence, motion of the rubber legs, orange color and illusion of movement provided by the grizzly hackle are all proven triggers.  Orange deer hair wing and head also make the fly very visible when fished dry.

Custom tied for your order, and sold in sets of three.

Price is $3.25/fly, $9.75 for set of 3 flies.

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Price: $9.75

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