ARF Life & Death Callibaetis (set of 3 flies)

Callibaetis mayflies typically emerge very quietly, without a great deal of fluttering or commotion.  In situations like that a parachute hackle is a much better imitation than a standard collar hackle that suspends the fly above the surface.  I also often see emerging callibaetis resting with their wings down and out to the sides as they harden, looking very much like a spinner until just before they take off from the surface when they raise their wings momentarily before flying away.  These two observations were the inspiration behind the ARF Life & Death Callibaetis, an imitation of both the emergent and spent stage of this important stillwater food source.  The hi-vis post assists in spotting the fly, organza wings provide a realistic sparkle and translucence.

Custom tied for your order, and sold in sets of three.

Price is $3.25/fly, $9.75 for set of 3 flies.

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Price: $9.75

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