ARF SlimFlash Damsel (set of 3 flies)

The ARF SlimFlash Damsel pattern recreates the slim profile of the natural.  The marabou tail and body move like active naturals.  Sparse flash gives the fly reflectivity and further the illusion of motion.  The pattern is unweighted to fish high in the water column where damsel nymphs are found during migrations and it can also be fished over and around weed beds where fish seek out damsels without sinking too quickly into the vegetation.  Fish it behind a weighted nymph or streamer, or add some weight to the leader and it fishes well as a searching pattern in deeper water.  Damsel nymphs are available to the fish for much of the fishing season so this is a great hatch matching pattern as well as a general searching fly.

Custom tied for your order, and sold in sets of three.

Price is $2.75/fly, $8.25 for set of 3 flies.

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Price: $8.25

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