ARF Swimming Baetis (set of 3 flies)

The ARF Bead Head Swimming Baetis is designed to imitate the very active baetis (blue wing olive) nymph.  The unweighted version fishes well closer to the surface and the bead head is designed to be fished deeper, or in faster water.  Motion is provided by the marabou tail and the wing case is black flash to imitate a nearly mature bug.  The "magic" of peacock tops it all off.  The Swimming Baetis is also an excellent attractor or searching nymph.

Custom tied for your order, and sold in sets of three.

Price is unweighted $2.75/fly, $8.25 for set of 3 flies; bead head $3.00/fly,  $9.00 for set of 3 flies.

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Price: from $8.25

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