ARF Muppet Tube Fly (set of 3 flies)

Tube flies are a fantastic application for any predatory fish.  They allow you to use a short shank hook (more efficient for fighting fish) on large flies.  By moving the fly up the line away from the hook you can use pliers to un-hook your fish without tearing up your fly and if you damage a hook on a rock or bend it out; you don't throw the fly away.  just swap in a new hook.  The ARF Muppet is designed to have a full profile with a minimal amount of bulk so it’s easy to cast and sinks readily.  Marabou tail and wing and palmered schlappen body with flowing topping feathers results in a fly with maximum movement.  The large profile head "pushes" a lot of water for maximum fish attraction, the Muppet is tied with just a touch of flash.

Custom tied for your order, and sold in sets of three.

Price is $4.50/fly, $13.50 for set of 3 flies.

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Price: $13.50

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